Client orientated service

Next to supplying tubes, Bumaco is also willing to provide complementary services.  And this is more than supplying a certificate on a client’s demand. During the years we gained a lot of knowledge. Not only about standards and compulsory grades, but also about possible alternatives.  And our customers are welcome to use this knowledge. It is a bit sneaky … but we simply want to know more than our customers. But in a very modest way. And to be honest … this is what most clients do expect from us.

But there is more …


Most of our tubes are with a certificate 3.2, but not all of them. A good solution could be to “upgrade” the 3.1 certificate by a so called “third party inspection company”. Under supervision of Lloyds or another inspection agency, the mandatory chemical and mechanical testing will be performed again and reported to the client on a special and signed certificate. In the market this is known as a so called “3.1C” certificate.
Extended testing
A Z35 TTP test on a tube with wall thickness less than 1” (25.4 mm)? An US test, based upon a different standard? A “hot yield” tensile test or an impact test at a lower temperature? Everything can be discussed!

On - and offshore

Oversized and heavy structures, operations under extreme conditions and innovative solutions for unique problems … that characterizes the oil and gas / on- and offshore business. This requires strong and reliable tubes. And a quick and problem free delivery…

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Special steel structures

An arch bridge, a crane boom, a dome over a stadium, a Ferris wheel …. these are all special structures. Often a unique design, sometimes less exclusive. But always with special demands for the steel they are constructed with.
More and more the designer …

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For machining shops, it is important to use tubes that can be machined easily, fast and smooth. These hollow bars – or mechanical tubes, as they are also called – should not only be perfect in tolerances, but should also have a fine tuned chemical composition. And a proper heat treatment. Because no machinery wants ….

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Why choose Bumaco?
Tubes incl. 3.2 certificate 
With a competent, fexible and client orientated team
Which will make clear quotations quickly
Mainly for "Western European" material
Supplied from stock
From a strategic located warehouse (between Antwerp and Rotterdam)