Our team

The real value of a company is not the assets, the stock, the buidlings or even the balance of the bank account … no, it is the staff, the people working there. So, let us present to you … the people of Bumaco:


Cor Baerveldt
General Manager

Cor is the founder of the company and responsible for purchase and all the financial matters. As owner, he is also the manager of the company .


Iris den Boer
Office Manager

Iris has been our intercessor for transportation, certificates, stock management etc. for many, many years now. The backbone of the company.


Mark Gaal
Mark Gaal
Sales Coördinator

Mark has been working for Bumaco for several years now. Because of his built up knowledge and work-experience he is able to answer your inquiries quickly and skillfully.


Martijn van Es
Martijn van Es
Sales & QA Manager

Martijn is working at Bumaco as sales manager and besides that he is also responsable for quality assurance.


Judith Jolk
Judith Jolk
Product & Purchase Manager seamless pipes
Bumaco Germany GmbH

Judith is working in the steel business for over 35 years now and over the years she has build up an incredable knowledge and network.


Judith Jolk
Christian Jatzkowski
Product & Purchase Manager welded pipes
Bumaco Germany GmbH

Christian is working in the steel business for over 20 years now and over the years he has build up an incredable knowledge and network.