New warehouse in use

10 Jun 2020

At the moment a lot of people struggle with some extra pounds … due to corona pandemic they have to stay at home and are not exercising enough. At Bumaco we experience more or less the same, but then with regards to our stock of tubes. The tonnage is increasing – just as it was our intention to grow up to ± 4.000 tons – and we had to search for more room.

Now, there is one warehouse at the yard, in which a huge Bomar Extend 1320.1320 band saw is located. It can cut pipes with an OD up to and including 1320 mm (52”) en is used to cut our pipes on fixed length when a client demands this. Although it is the biggest cut saw you will find in The Netherlands, it is not that big that it uses the complete space of the warehouse, so after some discussion, we could use the rest – approximately 1.000 m2 – as a storage facility for our LSAW pipes to API 5L X52 and X65. But some adjustments had to be carried out, before we could use it. We needed an extra overhead crane and the floor had to be renovated. And, of course, we needed new boxes.

It took some time and effort, but now the work has been finished. We are ready to store a few hundred tons of welded pipes and the first two are already there. Okay they will leave soon as we have sold them.

The warehouse will, be filled within a few days and that is necessary because we will also receive brand new, seamless pipes to fill up warehouse 1 and 2

We are ready for the future and hope to get rid of the extra weight soon.