Introducing ...

1 Oct 2020

Hi there, my name is Martijn van Es and I joint Bumaco recently. I’m 35 years of age, born and raised in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands, where I met my wife. Together we have a son, Joep, who is two years old, and we are expecting his little brother somewhere in January.

For 14 years I have been involved in purchase and sale, design and production of special rubber components for the offshore- and shipping industry. As a youngster I started my career at the workshop and ended up in the office, dealing with suppliers and customers. At a certain point, I knew everything there is to be learned about rubber. Hence I didn’t face any challenge anymore.
So, I went searching and when I heard Bumaco was looking for a successor for Koos, I saw and took my chance. And so, here I am.

The intention is that I will be involved in customer service as a “back office” salesperson in our team. Steel is a fascinating material and the specialisation of Bumaco - high grade steel pipes - makes it very interesting for me.
Besides that, I will also be occupied with Quality Assurance, something completely new for me. That is wat we call a challenge. Luckily we really are a team,  and I can count on the help and the expertise of my esteemed colleagues.

Hope toe hear from you soon. It is hard for me (yet) to express myself in the German language, but I’m used to speaking English.