Bumaco and corona

6 Apr 2020

The horrible virus that is currently plaguing the world doesn’t pass by Bumaco either  The measures, taken by our government, are necessary prevent an uncontrollable spread of the COVID 19. And we fully support those measures.

So, we don’t visit our clients anymore, keep enough distance from each other and work from home as much as possible. The TUBE 2020 has been cancelled and has been postponed to the beginning of December … for the time being.


So at the office we now work with half of the staff, just to realize sufficient distance between us. And work at home, whenever possible. But we will still be there to answer your questions and RFQ’s, but the answer probably will take more time than you are used to.

The same applies to our warehouse. And of course this also has consequences for loading your trucks. You really need to advice now at least one day in advance – and this means 24 hours ! – for the loading of your truck. And the obligation for drivers to keep a minimum distance of 5 feet and to bring protection material. For the benefit of themselves as well as the warehouse staff. And yes, it may take also a little longer to load than you are used to.


The economic consequences, also for our market, still cannot be calculated, but they undoubtably will be huge. However, that means nothing, compared to the our health and, much more important, the health of the elderly and weaker loved ones around us.

In cooperation with the local greengrocer, we have supplied the, now unreachable, residents of nursing home Graafzicht, with some healthy fruit. And, of course, also for the nursing staff. Placed at the front door, because entering the building is not allowed obviously. Seen from the reactions on social media, they have appreciated. And we are preparing more activities of this kind, because it is precisely now that the strong must provide for the weak.