25 years of Bumaco

11 Dec 2018

On November 1st is was exactly 25 years ago that the company Bumaco – at that time BMC Bumaco – was registered at the Chamber of Commerce. A young salesman decided to be independent from others in the future and became an entrepreneur. Mainly because he choose freedom over the security of a steady income. Freedom to determine himself “who, what, where”  he would like to deal with.

It is safe to say he has succeeded in his mission. As a specialized supplier for steel pipes we are independent. We have independently built up our stock of tubes, produced to own self developed  specifications and all financed from our own resources and we can look back proudly on 25 years Bumaco.

On November 10th we celebrated this with staff, friends and relatives with – quite simple – a barbeque. Very straightforward, but to a high standard ….  pretty typical for Bumaco.

And now forward to 50 years !