High Yield Carbon Steel Tubes

Tubes to Bumaco specifications

Especially for the on – and offshore market, Bumaco is ordering tubes (pipes) to our own specifications. With extra and/or more stringent testing requirements then most applicable standards are asking for. Therefore the tubes generally will meet the specific and often project-related, demands of the customers. 
Although the API 5L standard is the starting point  for each specification, the tubes are certified to at least three standards. So they are not only suitable for construction purposes, but also can be used for piping. Or for the manufacturing of manifolds, bends and other steel components.




Delivery schedule


Type         Definition
SMLS 01 Seamless tubes to API 5L X52 N PSL2 (QT when necessary), EN10225 S355NLHHO, ISO 3183 L360N(O) PSL2 and NORSOK M120 MDS Y22/Y2
SMLS 02 Seamless tubes to API 5L X65 QT PSL2, EN 10225 S460QLHHO, ISO 3183 L450 Q PSL2 and NORSOK M120 MDS Y42/Y47
SMLS 03 Seamless, small OD, tubes to API 5L X65 Q PSL2
LWP 01 Longitudinal, submerged arc welded pipes to API 5L X52 PSL2, ISO 3183 L360 NE PSL2 (sometimes to EN 10208 L360NB) and EN 10219 S355NLH
LWP 04 Longitudinal, submerged arc welded pipes to API 5L X65 M PSL2, ISO 3183 L450 ME PSL2 and EN 10219 S460 MLH

All tubes are produced by “West European” mills and with a certificate EN 10204 – 3.2 by Lloyds
Next to these specials, Bumaco also supplies tubes and pipes to the usual standards as EN 10210, EN 10219, ISO 2938, EN 10297 etc.


Special steel structures

An arch bridge, a crane boom, a dome over a stadium, a Ferris wheel …. these are all special structures. Often a unique design, sometimes less exclusive. But always with special demands for the steel they are constructed with.
More and more the designer …

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On - and offshore

Oversized and heavy structures, operations under extreme conditions and innovative solutions for unique problems … that characterizes the oil and gas / on- and offshore business. This requires strong and reliable tubes. And a quick and problem free delivery…

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For machining shops, it is important to use tubes that can be machined easily, fast and smooth. These hollow bars – or mechanical tubes, as they are also called – should not only be perfect in tolerances, but should also have a fine tuned chemical composition. And a proper heat treatment. Because no machinery wants ….

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