On- and offshore

Oversized and heavy structures, operations under extreme conditions and innovative solutions for unique problems … that characterizes the oil and gas / on- and offshore business. This requires strong and reliable tubes. And a quick and problem free delivery.
For this, being just a supplier of steel tubes, is not enough. This kind of customers are looking for real partners. Partners, who are not only willing, but more important, are also able to think along with the clients.
Such a partner is Bumaco. With years of experience and knowledge of the standards, material and logistics, 
Of course, we keep the standards in our office. But we also have actually read them!
And of course, we stock our tubes indoor in a well-maintained warehouse to protect them from getting rusty. Because we never know when you will need them.
Do you need more extensive US testing? A check on wall thickness? Or do you need a tally list before ordering, so you know which lengths you will be supplied with? 
We are familiar with this kind of demands and don’t find them problematic.

Special steel structures

An arch bridge, a crane boom, a dome over a stadium, a Ferris wheel …. these are all special structures. Often a unique design, sometimes less exclusive. But always with special demands for the steel they are constructed with.
More and more the designer wants tubes with a higher yield as usual. Sometimes to diminish the weight of the structure or to obtain a slim design. But now and then, because it just becomes inevitable. At a certain point – when S355 is not good enough anymore – one can choose for S460 or even S690 material. And that corresponds with the delivery program of Bumaco
By the way … both these steel types are “standard” for crane builders for instance.
Bumaco is able to supply these kinds of tubes from stock. For S460 the seamless ones are according to EN 10225 and the welded ones to EN 10219. And for S690 the standard EN 10297 applies.


For machining shops, it is important to use tubes that can be machined easily, fast and smooth. These hollow bars – or mechanical tubes, as they are also called – should not only be perfect in tolerances, but should also have a fine tuned chemical composition. And a proper heat treatment. Because no machinery wants a wavering tube or a short tool life.
A lot of these tubes are supplied according to EN 10294. A small part however is still according to ISO 2938. Mainly the “old” grade 20MnV6, nowadays E470 according to the EN standard.
But also, EN 10297 – S690QL can be used perfectly for machining.
Now, sometimes, there is a demand for bigger diameters. Well, EN 10210 S355J2H can be machined properly also, provided the material is normalized. And it is cheaper too.
From experience, we have learned that the last category is preferred more and more. Because of the use of purer mother material and improved production processes, the modern mills are able to produce tubes and pipes for more than one purpose only.

Why choose Bumaco?
Tubes incl. 3.2 certificate 
With a competent, fexible and client orientated team
Which will make clear quotations quickly
Mainly for "Western European" material
Supplied from stock
From a strategic located warehouse (between Antwerp and Rotterdam)